How to Remember Sin(x), Cos(x), Tan(x)?

The follow triangle shows the relationships between $x$ and the relating sides.


Soh $$sin(x)=\frac { opposite }{ hypotenuse }$$

Cah $$cos(x)=\frac { adjacent }{ hypotenuse }$$

Toa $$tan(x)=\frac { opposite }{ adjacent } $$

Make a special note here of the $tan(x)$ function which if you think about it. It's the relationship between $rise/run$ of a slope of a line which is the hypotenuse.

If you can remember this truth about the $tan(x)$ function you can reconstruct $sin(x)$ and $cos(x)$ with out a problem because of this truth $tan(x)=\frac { sin(x) }{ cos(x) }$